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Do Florists Cry?

My first week in the flower business .

I have been helping my daughter with her website for the last week. I have been involved in internet stuff for about 15 years so was more than happy to help her. It has been an interesting first week associated with the florist industry.

At times, when she has been busy, I have answered the phones.

Things are a little different talking to these people. Most of my existing clients are fairly unemotional as they are just looking to get a website built or updated.

But people buying flowers - well that's a different story entirely.

When people send flowers to someone it is all about emotion.

We had Richard send his wife a bunch of roses. She was in the maternity ward with their brand new freshly hatched, one day old baby. He wanted the flowers to arrive before he did so his beautiful wife and baby would know he was thinking of them. He was bubbly and excited. It was a joy to speak with him. He left me with a good feeling all afternoon. When I told my wife about it she got all clucky.

Then Cathy from the UK wanted to send her brother and sister-in-law a flower bouquet to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We got chatting and it was just a little sad as Cathy had been in the UK for a while and had not seen her brother for a few years. Talking to her made me think about my brother and how I tend to take him for granted.

Then there was Joanne. Her brother-in-law had just died. You could just hear the pain she was feeling for her widowed sister. She wanted to give her a big hug but they were on opposite sides of the planet. She was very specific in the colour and arrangement of the flowers to be delivered. She was pouring her emotions into those flowers and sending them across the world.

My thoughts went to those close friends and relatives I have lost over the years.

I have been involved in sales for years. Sales people are told to try to put emotion into their sales presentations. The idea is to get someone emotionally involved in the product you are selling. So you work hard to get people excited about your particular widget. However, I have never been involved in products where there is real emotion.

Selling flowers has nothing to do with plants and foliage and wrapping paper. It's about the transfer of feelings from me to you.

It has been an interesting and emotional first week.

Many who know me would be surprised I would be touched by this.

I suppose it surprises me a bit too.