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Single Long Stemmed Rose

Secret Men's Business

Diamonds might be forever but you'll get a good few weeks out of a rose

A single, long stemmed, red rose is an investment that returns riches and rewards way exceeding the few dollars you spend.

It is a truly magical thing.

Some men have said they understand. The truth is, no man can ever really fathom the deep mystery. We all just know that it is magic.

Your intended lover, sitting bored at work, receives a call to come to reception. The magic starts instantly.

She will swoon with delight when the delivery person hands her your rose.

The receptionist smiles. The delivery person smiles. Every girl in her office now knows you are a magnificent, caring, sharing specimen.

You receive the "thank you" phone call with suggestions of the many rewards that await you when next you meet.

You tell the girls at your work and they too elevate you from neanderthal to sensitive, prospective liaison, even without ever seeing the rose.

For the next week or so, every time your lover looks at or even thinks about that rose, you can be guaranteed you will be well compensated.

Even your Mum thinks well of you for showing your romantic side.

Magic. What else could it be?

You get all that magical power bestowed on you for around 10 days or so. Where else could you get all that for so little effort?

You don't even have to get out of the chair.

Just put your hand in your pocket and we'll do all the rest. We'll even help you write the card.

Here it is - the magical Single Boxed Rose - just $67.99

red tick Single long stemmed red rose in a box with a romantic message and special magic $67.99
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